About Only in Fields

Only in Fields is a design/print studio specializing in custom work and illustration created by Lindsey Shields.  Lindsey loves handwritten letters, photography, the colour orange, giving people gifts and being outside. Lindsey’s background is varied in fields such as graphic design, illustration, sculpture, printmaking and millinery. With these powers combined, Only in Fields was created to bring out the special in your everyday. With a wide range of skills almost every job is achieved in-house start to finish…unless you would like a mural of a bear on your wall then that will happen at your house.

Coming soon... i hope... Only in Fields Letterpress.

Why the name Only in Fields?

Lindsey is from a small town in Ontario,Canada that is surrounded by fields. Although she is now based in Toronto, she is lucky to have a place to spend weekends in the country. Fields seem to be the one constant environment around her. The potential in a field can only come to fruition through hard work. Only in Fields represents a state of mind that shows growth, potential and appreciation for a slower time. All of these ideas are behind the name Only in Fields.

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